2012, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany

Veer is a multimedia installation that transforms space, sound, and light into variable dimensions of an experiential field. A base of polyester batting wraps a branching steel structure creating a soft, interior sleeve comprised of tunnel-like folds. Participants bend and push through saturated matter, pulling sound and light from sensors embedded in the material walls. Thus, Veer offers an aesthetic experience where subject and object emerge in a dynamic process of becoming. No archetypal interactivity dominates, rather, the participant initiates a cascade of spatial/sonic relations structured with different temporalities. Upon entry, the participant encounters an initial jolt of sensory stimuli. As they move through the installation, these stimuli begin to coalesce into logical relations only to be undone as new temporal relations are revealed through alternate bodily movements. The time of Veer is a manifold time, characterized by overlapping temporal shapes that fade in and out of focus in a dynamic play of experiential tension. In Veer, space provokes movement, movement provokes sound, and engaged participants instigate an emergent perceptual form.

Click here for video of Veer by Youki Hirakawa

Project Team: Adam Fure, Ashley Fure (composer), Alexander Watanabe (technical consultant)