Tingle Room

2010, Detroit, Michigan

Predominately governed by efficiency, maximization, and building standards, the architectural liner (floor, ceiling, and wall) is most often built as a thin, taught surface. Its standardization produces a blankness that is then adorned with window dressings, paint colors, and personal artifacts. Tingle Room challenges this thin surface by transforming it into a deep volume, unlocking a space within the thickness of the wall, and ultimately moving architecture from blank backdrop to active participant. Each layer in this new material mixture is pulled from the palette of standard building materials and exploited for its latent textural qualities. Materials are carved, painted, smothered or otherwise manipulated in order to extend their possible qualitative effects. The excessive layering of exaggerated textures provokes engagement, but this engagement cannot be perceived instantaneously - it unfolds in time, as multiple patterns fade in and out of focus yielding an experience that vacillates between the realms of the haptic, the visual, and the conceptual.

Project Team: Adam Fure, Ellie Abrons, Parke MacDowell, Elle Przybyla, Diana Tomova, Ben Rambadt, David Witte, Matt Acton