2011, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Thick-It is comprised of a thin structural frame lined with a thick, woody interior. Custom steel panels, equipped with an integrated hanging mechanism, are combined with standard steel panels to create a thin, yet sturdy, taut shell. Thousands of recycled wood pieces are oriented perpendicular to the steel structure, both hanging from the ceiling and projecting up from the floor. Patterns generated by algorithmic scripting govern the orientation and length of each piece, creating gradual swells of volume that envelop the body. The cave-like interior frames the body above and the unsteady ground destabilizes the occupant from below; one is simultaneously sheltered and unsettled. The participant walks through the middle of the space on an uneven, but navigable path that connects the two entries. The natural textures of the wood and the various marks of its manufactured origins beckon the touch of those who pass through.

Project Team: Adam Fure, Ellie Abrons, Patrick Murphy, Aaron Weller, Matt Acton, Joshua Kehl, Ryan Goold, Adam Szajner, Angela Burke, Aly Andrews, Sharif Anous, Andrew Jimbo, Alingo Loh, Alissa Hahn