2014, Parsons The New School For Design, New York, New York

For the 2014 Architectural League Prize exhibition Overlay, I designed[1] new[2] rocks[3].

[1] When a rock is designed its properties are manipulable; texture can transform from surface to massing, holes can group to make faces, and coloration can be a mix of hues and iridescence. When a rock is designed its properties are free to do new work.

[2] “New” rocks come with “new” natures. The old concept of nature is dead, offering three choices for a response: benignly neglect that fact, aestheticize ecological disaster, or offer alternatives. I choose the last and these rocks are a start.

[3] These objects are rocks; not representations of rocks, not objects mimicking rocks, just rocks.

Project Funded by Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning and The Architectural League of New York.

Project Team: Adam Fure, Justin Gross

Renderings: Vergil Design Visualization

Photos: Noah Rabinowitz