Pup Huddle

2013, Competition

Pup Huddle, a proposal for the 2013 City of Dreams Pavilion, is an architecture of characters rather than coverings. Eleven supersized, furry figures, nicknamed “pups,” bend and bunch into playful positions producing shade, enclosure, and a place to gather. The traditional pavilion’s walls and roofs are replaced with furry legs and oversized heads that invite sitting and resting as much as hugging and climbing. Accommodating all ages, the pups suggest a range of human engagement without spelling it out, allowing new forms of play to emerge. To initiate the instant communities crucial to the Pavilion’s summer events, the act of gathering is anthropomorphized in the pup's figurality. Thus, rather than proposing an empty shell that waits to be filled, Pup Huddle gets the party started all its own, through the lively positions and postures of the pups. Finally, Pup Huddle embraces the name game—i.e., “what does it look like?”—the most common form of visual engagement for general architectural audiences. Drawing on a number of formal analogies—drumsticks, bristle brushes, puppies, and baby rattles, to name a few—Pup Huddle suggests an abundance of kindred characters whose images swirl around the imaginations of its visitors.

Project Team: Adam Fure, Ellie Abrons (EADO), Christina Kull, Nick Safley