2012, Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hover is a study in perceptual thickness. Light, sound, and matter are crafted not as separate layers of a multi-media project but as tangled strands of a multisensory knot. A base of cotton batting that is stretched, burnt, and painted carves a series of compressed passageways. Physical characteristics in the material walls are mirrored in localized sonic responses. Layers of recorded noise are spliced and sculpted to exhibit different densities and degrees of harmonic warmth. Across the space, gradations in color move from near white to deep metallic red. These changes are mapped to shifts in both the register (high/low) and spectral density of the accompanying sonic reactions: blanched pale walls are linked with soft white noise; spaces with saturated color emit thick multiphonic screeches. Sensors tracking movement alter details in the sound, using presence and touch to thicken the acoustic air that hovers throughout. Thus, each zone of Hover is characterized by a parsing, calibration, and alignment of its qualitative aspects—from material texture to sonic grain to spatial proportion—producing variegated sensory intensities governed by logics of sensory relation.

Project Team: Adam Fure, Ashley Fure (composer), Aaron Willette, Christina Kull, Charles Gurrey, John Guinn, Maja Mrdalj