Alt Brew

2015, Madison, Wisconsin

This taproom designed for a local microbrewery features textured wall panels, a hanging ceiling, and custom furniture elements—each made from common materials treated in uncommon ways. Behind the bar, vertical wall panels are CNC carved with various textures, cast in concrete, and then coated in resin. Around the corner, wall panels made from silver-painted cedar boards coated in resin are housed in thin steel frames. Additional walls are selectively stencil painted to produce a patchwork of color and pattern throughout. The ceiling is made from cedar boards that are charred, stained red, edges painted gold, and loosely hung in a circular pattern. Individual light bulbs hang between the boards producing an irregular field of luminous points. Lastly, custom tables feature ash tops and asymmetrical legs made from oversized, red-stained cedar posts and thin steel legs capped with rounded blue pegs. The position of the legs changes from table to table, giving the appearance of walking.

Project Team: Adam Fure, Nathan Wesseldyk, Cody Glen, Tyler Smith, Michael Turvin, Samantha Okolita, Chris Pine

Fabrication: Joseph Donelko, Jr.

Photos: Matthew Messner