13178 Moran

2012, 13th International Architecture Biennale, Venice, Italy

"This room is a collaboration between five young architecture practices whose work is a piece of action research, responding to one of the most serious issues for western cities today: that of shrinkage and urban vacancy. The city of Detroit is the most often cited example of this phenomenon, the population dwindling as heavy industries that once provided employment and social cohesion disappear. These architects did not wait to be asked for their point of view on the city's problems, but sought a place to work in this unique urban context.

The five bought a derelict house on Moran Street, Detroit for $500 and set to work, transforming the house into a location for their experiments. They have reimagined them in the Arsenale, evoking at 1:1 the space of the Moran Street house. In addition, the architects have selected a collection of work from and on the subject of Detroit that embodies the spirit of common ground. This is a project that shows how young architects' resourcefulness can find new grounds for collaboration and experiment, and that the work of architects does not require bureaucratic sanction to make a meaningful contribution."

Text: David Chipperfield, Curator of International Exhibition "Common Ground", 13th International Architecture Exhibition

Design: Ellie Abrons, Adam Fure, Catie Newell, Meredith Miller, James Graham, SCHAUM/SHIEH

Curated content by: Broken City Lab, Jon Brumit, Design 99, Andrew Herscher, Scott Hocking, Ania Jaworska, *Alibi Studio, Albert Pope, SCHAUM/SHIEH, Jason Young, Young Nation

Photos: Catie Newell