Kentucky Workshop

2012, University of Kentucky

In this weekend long workshop students mixed multiplicitous material narratives through the construction of hetergeneous, saturated objects. The material palette was foreign, forcing students to develop novel potentials out of seemingly strange matter. Initial experimentation focused on the material’s latent tendencies to aggregate (how it naturally bundles, bunches, bends, and folds for example). Students tested, recorded, and codified techniques of assembly—ultimately coercing the unwieldy matter into working systems of aggregation that were supported by designed substructures. Avoiding a fundamentalist attitude towards the use of these materials, they were burnt, painted, smothered or otherwise manipulated in order to extend their qualitative effects. There were no material essences sought, only evocative textures, colors, and forms that offered up new associations and sensations.

Instructors: Adam Fure with Aaron Willette

Photos: Michael Haas